Royalty Free License
Standard License
Extended Print Only
Extended Electronic
Extended Comprehensive
Websites and Blogs
Electronic Documents and Reports
Multimedia Presentation (Powerpoint, Flash, etc)
Digital Advertisement (Banners Online or Printed, etc)
Screen Saver (corporate or personal use only)
Print Advertisement (Magazines, newspaper, billboards, point of sale materials etc)
Printed Documents (mailers, letterheads, leaflets, etc)
Packaging materials
Corporate/Advertisement Videos (TV or Online)
Design Elements (Props & Scenery) in Television Broadcasts, Short Film & Full-length Film Productions
Prints for Resale (Poster, Greeting Cards, Postcards, Calendars etc)
Prints on Merchandise for Resale (Mugs, Stationery, T-shirts, Puzzle etc)
Design Templates for Resale (Software, Applications & Web distribution)
Design Elements on Software Applications for Resale (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Windows/Linux applications)
Screensavers for Resale
Any other Derivative Resale Objects