1Zip Distance 65Cooking Enthusiast (Select/Omit)
2Zip+4 Distance66Magazine - Health (Y,M)
3Zip67Exercise Enthusiast (Select/Omit)
4Omit Zips68Outdoor Enthusiast (Select/Omit)
5County69Outdoor Sports Lover (Select/Omit)
6State70Magazine - Do-It-Yourselfer (Y,M)
7Omit States71Magazine- Financial (Y,M)
8Metropolitan Statistical Area72Magazine - Photo (Y,M)
9Carrier Route73Magazine - Opportunity (Y,M)
10Telephone Area Code74Computer Owner (Select/Omit)
11Zip+475Automotive Buff (Select/Omit)
12Zip-Plus-4 Present (Select/Omit)76Home Decorating Enthusiast (Select/Omit)
13Omit records without addresses and without
Apartments #
77Dogs (Select/Omit)
14Carrier Route Type (C,R,B,H,G)78Cats (Select/Omit)
15Phone Present (Select/Omit)79Pets (Select/Omit)
16Time Zone (1-9)80Investors (I,P,S,T)
17Do-Not-Call (Omit)81General Contributors (Y,M)
18Dwelling Size (C-O)82Contributes to Charities (Select/Omit)
19# Persons in Living Unit (1-9)83Donates to Environmental Causes (Select/Omit)
20Apartment # Present(Select/Omit)84Religious Contributors (Y,M)
21Wealth Rating (0-9)85Health/Institution Contrib. (Y,M)
22ISPSA Ranking (0-9)86Home Purchase Price (A-J)
23Homeowner (1-4)87Home Purchase Year (1900-2010)
24Household Income (A-L)88Home Purchase Month (01-12)
25Mail Responder (Y,M)89Home Year Built (1900-2010)
26Home Business (Select/Omit)90Current Home Value (A-J)
27Business Owner (Select/Omit)91Mortgage Amount (A-J)
28Length of Residence (A-J)92Mortgage Loan Type (C,F,V,J,S)
29Individual # (1-6)93Mortgage Rate Type (F,V)
30Individual Type (P,E,Y,O)94Mortgage Term (A-G)
31Prefix Title (1-8)95Mortgage Lender Name Present (Select/Omit)
32Gender (1,2,0)96Type of Purchase (N,R)
33Month of Birth (01-12)97Home Sale Amount (A-J)
34Year of Birth (1917-1986)98Home Swimming Pool (Select/Omit)
35Age (00,18-87)99# Fire Places (0-9)
36Age Code (1-7)100Home Heat (1-9)
37Hard Age Indicator (Select/Omit)101Air Conditioning (1,2,3,9)
38Education (1-5)102Refinance Year (1987-2010)
39Marital Status (1,2)103Refinance Loan Amount (A-J)
40Occupation (01-54)104Refinance Lender Name Present (Select/Omit)
41Traveler (Select/Omit)105Refinance Term (A-G)
42Presence of Children (Y,N,U)106Refinance Loan Type (C,F,V)
43Child Age 0-3 Gender (M,F,B)107Refinance Rate Type (F,V)
44Child Age 4-6 Gender (M,F,B)108Presence of Credit Card (Select/Omit)
45Child Age 7-9 Gender (M,F,B)109Presence of Gold Credit Card (Select/Omit)
46Child Age 10-12 Gender (M,F,B)110Credit Rating (A-H)
47Child Age 13-18 Gender (M,F,B)111Ethnic Code (2 byte A/N)
48Merchandise - Upscale (Y,M)112Language Code (A-Z)
49Merchandise - Male (Y,M)113Ethnic Confidence Code (A-D)
50Merchandise - Female (Y,M)114Religion - Protestant (Select/Omit)
51Merchandise - Crafts (Y,M)115Religion - Catholic (Select/Omit)
52Merchandise - Gardening (Y,M)116Religion - Jewish (Select/Omit)
53Magazine - Gardening (Y,M)117Religion - Islamic (Select/Omit)
54Gardener (Select/Omit)118Religion - Buddhist (Select/Omit)
55Merchandise - Book (Y,M)119Religion - Hindu (Select/Omit)
56Book Reader (Select/Omit)120Religion - Eastern Orthodox (Select/Omit)
57Merchandise - Food (Y,M)121Religion - Shinto (Select/Omit)
58Merchandise - Gifts (Y,M)122Religion - Greek Orthodox (Select/Omit)
59Merchandise - General (Y,M)123Minority - Asian-Non-Oriental (Select/Omit)
60Magazine - Family (Y,M)124Minority - African-American/African (Select/Omit)
61Magazine - Female (Y,M)125Minority - Native American (Select/Omit)
62Magazine - Male (Y,M)126Minority - Oriental (Select/Omit)
63Magazine - Religious (Y,M)127Minority - Pacific Islander (Select/Omit)
64Magazine - Culinary (Y,M)128Minority - Hispanic (Select/Omit)