Aqueous Coating: It is used to protect and enhance the printed piece. Aqueous coating is applied to all 100lb gloss book and 100lb gloss cover.

Bindery: operations on the printed product after it have been printed. The bindery operations are as follows: Folding, Binding, Stitching, Scoring, Perforation, Die Cutting, & Envelope Converting (currently done in house).

Binding: A different method used to secure loose pages in a book is called binding. (Examples of binding: Saddle Stitching, Spiral Binding, Perfect binding, Coil Binding etc.)

CMYK: The primary colors used in 4-color printing. CMYK are used to reproduce full color on the printed sheet.

C: Cyan (Blue)
M: Magenta (Red)
Y: Yellow
K: Key (Black)

Coating: The mixture of clay materials that are applied to paper to improve the smoothness of the paper's surface and improve ink holdout during the printing process. Examples are aqueous coating (AQ) and UV coating. UV coating adds a gloss finish to the product and also improves the vibrancy of the printed colors. Spot-UV can be applied to selected portions of the piece, while keeping the rest a matte finish.

Die Cutting: A specific shape like circle, star, etc (any designs that cannot be done by a straight cut) which is cut by a metal blade. Door hangers are a popular product which requires die cutting. We can accommodate shape sizes 13" x 10" and smaller, larger sizes must be sent out to other binderies.

Dots per Inch (dpi): A measurement of resolution of input, output and display devices. 300 dpi means that when printed, each square inch of your image will contain 90,000 pixels (dots), the higher the dpi (the more pixels per inch) the more crisp the printed image will be. Our electronic (digital files) have to have a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Anything less than that is considered as low resolution and may appear blurry when printed.

FOLDING: The process of bending printed sheets in a specific area. Folding is one of our popular bindery jobs.

roll-fold brochure
4-Panel Roll Fold: A type of fold where the piece is folded inward at one end and then folded inward again one or more times. It is as if you are rolling the piece up.

accordion folded brochure
Accordion Fold: A sheet which has been printed on only one side then folded twice in right angles to form a W-shaped four page uncut section. Accordion folds are usually 100lb book papers, such as brochures and catalogue.

double gate folded brochure
Double Gate Fold: Single gate fold, with an additional fold on the center.

double parallel folded brochure
Double Parallel Fold: A type of fold where the piece is folded in half and then folded in half again. The folds are parallel to each other.

french folded brochure
French Fold (quarter fold): A sheet which has been printed on one side only and then folded twice at right angles to form a four page uncut section.

gate folded brochure
Gate Fold: both sides of an oversize page fold into the gutter in overlapping layers.

half folded brochure
Half Fold: Is fold in half.

half folded and then tri-folded brochure
Half-Tri Fold: A sheet is folded in half and then tri-folded.

tri-folded brochure
Tri Fold: A fold where a three panel piece has both side sections folded inward, one on top of the other each section is approximately 1/3 the length of the piece.

z-fold brochure
Z Fold: A paper fold represented by back and forth folds into three panels.

Full Bleed: Printing that goes to the edge of all four sides of the page.

Matte Finish: A coated paper finish that is flat, not shiny like a gloss, but still keeps much of the ink from being absorbed by the paper and produces an excellent image. Matte/ Dull finish is applied to all 14pt jobs and 16pt jobs unless it is Spot UV.

PMS - Pantone Matching System (PMS): A registered name for an ink color matching system used to compare, match and identify specific colors. To do so we use a pantone book. It contains pantone colors with their closest CMYK values.

RGB: The additive primary colors, red, green and blue, used to display color in video monitors. Printing with a file in RGB color mode will produce a washed out appearance. 4over does not check files for RGB. That responsibility falls to the customer before submission of the files.

Scoring: A crease applied, in a straight line, to a sheet of paper to allow it to fold easier and more accurately.

Silver Inc: Fifth color, pantone metallic coated 877c. Must be designed in a vector based graphics program. Acceptable file types are EPS, AI, CDR, and PDF.

UV Coating: A liquid coating applied to the printed piece, which is then bonded and cured with ultraviolet light. This coating is used to provide a protective coating to the printed image. Please note that you CAN NOT write or imprint on a UV coated jobs.