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If you're a business owner or account executive, you need new customers to grow your sales. LuxFort is your best solution. We have unlimited access to Mailing Lists.
13 Million U.S. Businesses220 Million U.S. Consumers
2.6 Million Brand New Businesses57 Million Homeowners
11.4 Million Executives18 Million New Movers
600,000 Manufactures3.7 Million New Homeowners
218,000 Big Businesses1.7 Million Bankruptcies
5 Million Small Business Owners12.5 Million Households with Children
We securely deliver targeted mailing lists to help GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

U.S. Consumer Database
Name, Address, Telephone, Homeowner/Renter, Credit Scores, Loan Amount, Loan Date, Lender name, Age, Income, Gender, Marital Status, Presence of Child, Ethnicity, Occupation, etc.

Business list: These leads are certain types of businesses, size, number of computers, years in business, sales volumes, corporate info, management info etc.

Specialty lists: New home owners and movers, Lifestyle and Behavior Selects etc. 94% Postal Deliverability, Phone #'s DNC scrubbed, CASS Certified through the USPS

CASS™ System improves the accuracy of carrier route, five-digit ZIP®, ZIP+4®, and delivery point codes that appear on a mail piece. This process is graded by the United States Postal Service®, National Customer Support Center (NCSC).

Geo: Can filter by zip, radius around zip code, city, county, area code, MSA, state, nationwide

Output: Name, address, phone, loan amount, lender name, loan date, income, etc.

Here are the selections available

Campaign Ideas for Direct Mail

Here are a few ideas on how to spread your message over so many contacts.


In direct-mail marketing, persistence is a virtue. Sure, you'll occasionally have the good fortune of putting your message in front of a hot prospect-someone who's currently in the market for what you're offering and wants it now.

But more often than not, your prospects will fall into the "buying in the near future" category. And this is where persistence pays off.

Direct-mail campaigns allow you to put your message in front of prospects repeatedly over the course of several months (or years). The goal is to be the first person they think of when they are in the market.

In other words, a direct-mail campaign is a way of saying "Remember me."

Here are some creative ways to do just that.

1. Tip-of-the-Month Series

A monthly mailing is perhaps the easiest way to achieve repetition. Coming up with the concept is equally simple: Find something you know a lot about, and break it into twelve pieces.

For best results, make sure your tips are related to what you're offering. If you're a real estate agent, give home-improvement or home-buying tips. If you're a mortgage company, explain the pros and cons of different types of loans.

Making your tips relevant to your offer will benefit you in two ways. First, it positions you as an authority in your field. And secondly, it pre-qualifies your prospects, because your tips will only interest those readers who have a need for what you're offering.

2. Recognition Campaign

Use a recognition campaign to identify and reward your existing customers, or maybe to single out your preferred customers. Make them a special offer. Or simply say "Thank you."

Tone down the marketing when using this approach. Or better yet, leave out the sales language altogether. Thanking someone for their business and then hitting them with a sales pitch makes the thank-you seem insincere.

Have you ever received a thank-you message that didn't try to sell you something? Effective, wasn't it?

3. Pre-Sale / Post-Sale Campaigns

The goal here is to keep in touch with prospects over the entire cycle of a sale. In addition to meeting our repetition goal, this also demonstrates your ability to follow through.

Let's look at a real estate example:

An agent lists a home for sale and sends postcards to other homes in the area to announce the listing. Once the home has sold, the agent sends another card to reflect this, and then begins mailing to the area on a regular basis. The agent is now developing recognition in the target area. And because a full sales-cycle has been shown, success is tied to that recognition.

All that's left to do is follow up with a call to action. List your phone number and Web address, and invite your prospects to contact you. Or use a business-reply card so they can request more specific information. You've shown them what you can do… now ask if you can do it for them.

4. Point to new items / features of a website

Direct-mail postcards and the Internet make a perfect marketing match. The postcard tells your prospects about your website and makes an offer to get them there. And like the tip-of-the-month series, it also serves to pre-qualify your prospects-only those truly interested in your product or service will visit your site.

Now make a campaign out of it. Create a plan to update your website regularly (with new services, articles or features), and then mail postcards announcing those updates. This approach puts a checkmark by repetition, prequalification, and traffic generation.


These are just a few of the ways you can campaign with direct mail. So experiment. Find a plan that suits your particular situation, your products or services, and then see it through. And remember the three R's… repetition yields recognition, and recognition drives response. Happy campaigning!